Hotel Room Workout



By: Alex C. Smith, NSCA-CSCS

Whether it’s traveling for work or vacation, creating the time to exercise will help you optimize your travel experience. It’s important to drive blood flow throughout the whole body and increase the heart rate. Try this 30 minute, full body workout next time you stop in at a hotel or at home.

Warm Up

1 minute each exercise

  1. Jumping Jacks

  2. Shoulder Circles forward and back

  3. Hip Circles

  4. Single leg hops 30 sec each leg


2 to 3 Rounds 1 minute each exercise with minimal rest in between

  1. Floor Hip Raise -Modification: Alternating Single Leg Hip Raise

  2. Bird-Dog

  3. Squat -Modification: Use a chair to up and down with good posture

  4. Push Up -Modification: On the bed - Incline Push Ups OR Decline Push Ups

  5. Plank

  6. Reverse Lunge       

  7. Chair Dips

  8. Flutter Kicks


Focus on inhaling through the nose and slowly exhale through the mouth

  1. 30 sec Toe Touch

  2. 30 sec Quad Stretch each leg

  3. 30 Down Dog Position

  4. 1 minute Child’s Pose

Why training is important for travel

  • Reset your internal clock for better sleep (Circadian Rhythm)

  • Improved focus and energy throughout the day

  • Improved mood and decreased anxiety

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