Time Under Tension



By: Alex C. Smith, NSCA-CSCS

Time under tension is an effective training variable used by many. By completing a movement at a determined pace, we can maximize tension at each angle, or a specific angle of a given movement. Plus time can be a great motivator! Examples of this are tempo reps and isometric reps. Design your workouts with specific timing in mind to get the most out of your training! Try this full body workout focusing on slow, controlled movements.

45 sec ON | 15 sec OFF


Push Up with an overhead hand release I 3 seconds down : 3 second hand release : 1 sec up

Wall Sit I Feet turned to 30 degrees. Sit against a wall with shoulders pulled into posture. Engage your core. Hold for 45 seconds

2 DB Press I 2 second Press : 4 seconds down

2 DB Curl | 2 second up : 3-5 seconds down

2 DB Row | 1 second up : 3 second hold : 4 seconds down

Superman I Neutral head position. Reach forward and squeeze glutes and mid-back

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