Tips to Hit the Ground Running this Spring!



By Molly Pfeiffer, B.S., NSCA-CSCS

No matter your health and wellness goals this season, check out these pointers to help you be more successful getting a routine and creating a new healthy habit!

Grab a partner

They say that two is always better than one! Find a friend, co-worker, or neighbor to set a goal with. Keep each other on track and hold each other accountable through motivational message, sharing healthy recipes, and rewarding each other after a goal has been hit.

Set a schedule

If you try and accomplish your goals ‘when you have time’ then the chances of you creating a habit are reduced. It is your best bet to make time for your goals. Set aside thirty minutes during the work week and try and get in a solid workout once over the weekend.

Update your wardrobe

Dusting off your old gym shoes from last year? It may be time for an upgrade to your shoe game. Most shoes should only be worn up to 400 miles. Find a credible shoe store, have your foot structure examined, and find that best fit for you. If you happen to find an awesome new pair of shorts or tank while you’re at it, then all the power to you.

Find your nearest Farmer’s Market

The sun is back and so are your local grocers. Take a stroll down the street and enjoy the never ending options of fresh fruits, vegetables, and breads. This is a great opportunity to shop for your favorite foods straight from the soil. Pick out a new recipe and explore! Don’t forget your sunscreen.

Take advantage of Spring and the warm weather that we hope will follow! Sign up for a race, start taking a class, or start cooking more! Never forget to reward yourself after a job well done.

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