New Year, New Goals for 2019



By Nick Gianatasio, NASM-CPT

New Year, New Goals for 2019

With the beginning of a new year comes the opportunity to review (and perhaps refresh) your current fitness routine. If you’re not sure where to start, setting a goal to try something new in 2019 is a great way to challenge yourself and your fitness. Completing an obstacle course race, trying a new group exercise class format or introducing a new activity such as swimming into your routine are great examples of ways to freshen things up a bit and generate some vigor towards kicking off a positive and healthy year.

New Goals, Different Training

Taking on a goal such as completing an obstacle course race brings with it a whole new set of fitness challenges. When preparing for an obstacle course for example, fitness components such as balance and agility become important to train and improve, especially if they weren’t addressed in previous fitness programs. Your new program to prepare for such events should include new components that will help prepare you for success in your event. Trying a new class format such as cycle or Zumba will challenge the cardiovascular system and are a great switch-up from a weights-only routine. Introducing an entirely new activity such as swimming or rock climbing are great ways to challenge the body in different but effective ways while also challenging the mind to learn and coordinate a new physical task.

Decide, Plan, Execute

So you’ve decided on a new fitness challenge and you’ve consulted with your favorite LifeStart professional to help develop a program tailored to your goals, so now what? Go out and execute the plan! A new program with new goals is a new opportunity for success and learning! It doesn’t matter if you’re preparing for a marathon, a new class format or a new activity; just get out there and put things in motion!

May all of you hit your new goals in 2019 and continue being happy and healthy!

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