Build your Base



By Molly Pfeiffer, B.S., NSCA-CSCS

For those of you looking to introduce new fitness goals on January 1, it is important to start off by creating an aerobic base.  The more work you are able to perform aerobically, in the presence of oxygen, the more efficient you will be when you begin to train more intensely. Two to four week blocks of exclusive aerobic training improves oxygen transport to the muscles and reduced lactate build up. In addition, your body will learn to rely more so on fat as an energy source even when training at higher intensities. Many think that aerobic training can only be done by hopping on a cardio machine for 30 minutes, but aerobic capacity can be built through strength training as well. The key takeaway to building an aerobic base is to start working between 60-79% of your max heart rate and progress from there. This can be easy to track through our MyZone Heart Rate Monitor!

Follow the following strength training circuit to switch up your aerobic training. All exercises are unilateral movements, meaning spend the entire work duration on one side, rest, and then work the opposite side.

Week 1: 15 seconds ON | 10 seconds OFF for 20 minutes continuously

1.       Reverse Lunge + Overhead Press

2.       Squat + Cable Row

3.       Step Up + Overhead Press

4.       Quadruped Opposite Reach

5.       Lateral Lunge + Front Raise

Week 2: 20 seconds ON | 10 seconds OFF for 25 minutes continuously

Week 3: 25 seconds ON | 10 seconds OFF for 30 minutes continuously

Week 4: 30 seconds ON | 10 seconds OFF for 35 minutes continuously

Other exercises: RDL + Overhead Press, Bulgarian Split Squat + Overhead Press, Deadbug Variations

In the New Year, challenge yourself to get your heart rate up through strength exercises!

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