5 Tips To Help You Get Out of Bed For Your Morning Workout



By Stacy McClain, NASM-CPT

Nothing beats that feeling you get after completing a morning workout...sweat dripping, blood pumping, endorphins kicking in. It’s that feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment before most people have even had their first cup of coffee. Not to mention the multitude of benefits that extend throughout the day. A morning sweat session increases overall calorie burn, gives you more energy, and allows you the freedom to do whatever you want after work.

But whether you are a morning person or not, there are inevitably going to be those days where it feels impossible to get out of bed. Hopefully these tips can make it a little easier:

1. Plan a workout that excites you

If you are sick of your daily routine or the treadmill feels like a chore, you are a lot more likely to hit snooze on that workout alarm. The night before, take some time to plan out your workout. Choose a few areas of your body you’d like to target and look up new workouts online that look like fun to you. Pinterest and Youtube are my favorite resources. The internet has a ton of options with anything from dance cardio and HIIT circuits to intervals and weight training. It can even be as simple as making a new playlist. Choose something that motivates you and notice how eager you are in the morning to get up and get started.

2. Make it easy for yourself

The toughest part is getting out of bed and out the door, so make this process as easy as possible. The night before, lay out your workout outfit, pack your workout bag, and have a snack and water bottle waiting by the door. Now that the effort of planning and preparing is over, you’ll just need to carry through the motions to get out and onto your workout.

3. Do a quick pro/cons list

You’re already up, now you have to decide how you want to start your day. Ask yourself what you will gain from going back to bed and what you will gain from an hour of movement. I’m usually able to come up with more pros in favor of movement (ie. higher energy, lifted moods, low stress, more productivity after work, etc). Against all of that, it’s hard to justify lying in bed for another hour.

4. Adopt a morning mantra

Too many times our initial reaction to our alarm is negative.

Not yet! I’m so tired! It’s so early!

Waking up before you’re ready is never going to be fun, but if you can catch yourself before those negative thoughts begin or counter them with a positive mantra each morning, I promise your day will be significantly better. Next time your alarm sounds at 6am, tell yourself it’s going to be a good day and you get to work out versus you have to work out.

Fake it ‘till you make it!

5. Visualize

You must do things now in order to reap the benefits later. Focus on the future and remind yourself why you set your alarm in the first place. Think of the endorphins that will hit in the middle of your work out or the accomplishment you will feel when you finish. Think of the energy you’ll have. And if the day isn’t enough, look further down the line at a healthier and stronger version of yourself.

It’s all possible…if you just get out of bed.

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