Mindful Eating



By Grace Iberle, RDN, LDN, CHC, CPT 

Eating mindfully is about paying attention, being fully aware, and in the moment. Mindfulness is awareness without criticism or judgement. When we focus on eating mindfully, we focus on building a healthy relationship with food. Being mindful can vastly improve our relationships with food by reducing stress-related overeating, emotional eating, and achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight.


Practical Tips to Eating Mindfully

  • Eat with no distractions - find a spot in your house to eat that is separate from the TV and computer, eat away from your desk, create a healthy eating environment 
  • Listen to your body and eat until you’re full - Ask yourself, am I physically hungry or am I responding to an emotional need/want/desire?
  • Slow down and appreciate your food  - set a timer for at least 20 minutes, eat with your non-dominant hand, utilize chopsticks
  • Utilize your senses - notice the smell, the flavors, the texture

Don’t be discouraged if it’s challenging at first. It takes practice and repetition. Daniel Goleman, a psychologist and author of Emotional Intelligence and The Meditative Mind, stated  “Every time you do a rep with a free weight, you’re strengthening a muscle. Every time you bring your mind back, the stronger it gets, the more focused.”  Continue practicing and continuing to build your mindfulness.

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