Get Mobile



By Nick Gianatasio, NASM-CPT

Despite the terms mobility and flexibility often being used interchangeably, mobility encompasses much more than just our soft tissue’s ability to stretch.  Having good mobility at each of our joints helps us perform movement patterns like the squat and the overhead press with more ease and less pain by working efficiently through full ranges of motion. 

While yoga promotes progression in mobility and thus flexibility, it may not always be practical to go through a long, intricate flow of movements before a workout or when you first wake up.  So to pair with your weekly yoga routine, below is a simple 8 move lower-body focused mobility routine that can be performed anywhere and shouldn’t take you more than 15-20 minutes to complete!  Perfect for pre-workout or pre-morning cup of joe!  Perform each movement for 30-60 seconds.

1.    Bent Knee Iron Cross

2.    Rollovers Into V-Sits

3.    Rocking Frog Stretch

4.    Cossack Squats

5.    Lying Piriformis Stretch

6.    Rear Foot Elevated Hip Flexor Stretch

7.    90/90 Hip Mobility

8.    Pigeon Stretch



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