Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle While Traveling



By Cara Ayala, RD, CPT, CHC

There is nothing worse than letting travel plans completely undo a healthy lifestyle. Not only does it interfere with long term goals, but it also leaves us feeling drained and low energy upon return. Isn’t the point of vacation to come back feeling refreshed? Use these tips below to stay on track while traveling!


  • Flight:

    • Bring a large water bottle and make sure it is full before you get on a flight! Flying causes dehydration and it’s important to offset this by drinking plenty of water.

    • Bring a protein based snack to avoid in-flight snacks. Snacks served on the plain are typically heavy in fat and carbs. Try bringing hard boiled eggs, edamame, protein bars or protein powder. Protein based snacks will keep you more satisfied.

  • Hotel:

    • Bring unsweetened instant oatmeal packets and protein powder for breakfast! You can make this using the coffee pot in the hotel room.

    • Make sure your hotel has a gym so you can stay on track with your workouts.

  • Dining out:

    • Use the Plate Method to order well-balanced entrees.

    • Avoid alcoholic beverages that are high in sugar. Try getting a martini, vodka soda, or champagne!

  • Coming home:

    • Construct a plan to help you get back on track with workouts and healthy eating as soon as you get home!