Benefits of Incorporating Yoga



By Cara Ayala, RD, CPT, CHC

There are four pillars of fitness: cardio, strength, balance, and flexibility.  Commonly, people focus on just one or two of these (especially cardio and strength) even though all of them play a crucial role in your fitness level. Balance training helps develop proper core engagement and functionality of the body while flexibility improves range of motion and reduces risk of injury. Incorporating yoga into your fitness routine is beneficial for many reasons:  

  • Prevents injury by stretching muscles and improving range of motion. This helps muscles recover faster after strength workouts and can help improve form during lift sessions.

  • Improves balance through many different poses, which facilities proper muscle function during lifts and throughout daily life.

  • Improves sleep by relieving stress and increasing mindfulness. Getting a good night sleep aids muscle growth and recovery.

  • And if you’re still not convinced….Yoga also builds strength through body weight poses held for extended periods of time. It can also help you access muscles you have never even used before!



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