30-minute Metabolism Boosting HIIT Workout


by Paul Young, BS, CPT

With it being national nutrition month, we’re focusing on the metabolism with this workout. The human body is an engine, and the more you turn up the intensity, the more fuel you’re going to burn. If you’re looking to get an efficient workout that’s tough and allows you to burn energy hours after you’ve completed it, give this a try.

5 rounds at 5 minutes with 1-minute rest between rounds

4 Stations: 2 Strength building stations with two different exercises at each. Complete one exercise for 20 seconds, then move to another for 20 seconds. The other 2 stations are your cardio stations: Rowing and Sprinting

Start with a 2-3 min warm up on the rower

Station 1: 20 seconds each TRX Rows, Lateral Slams (kneeling with med-ball or sandbell)

Station 2: Rowing machine, 1 min as hard and fast as you can

Station 3: 20 seconds each: Push-up to Pike, Squat Thrusters

Station 4: Walk 20 seconds, sprint 20 seconds, walk 20 seconds