The "Cardio" Workout



By Nick Gallardo, BS, ACE-CPT

It’s been at least four years since I’ve run anything longer than a mile. In terms of doing cardio, I’m just not a fan of long-distance, steady-state cardio anymore. Don’t get me wrong, it 100% has it’s benefits, and I will never fault anyone who enjoys it. I just don’t. For everyone else out there who doesn’t love long-distance cardio, or maybe doesn’t have the time for it, try this alternative cardio workout!

Set a timer for 5 minutes and complete the following:

  • KB Swings x 20
  • Reverse Lunge x 20 (10 each)
  • Push Up x10
  • TRX Row x10
  • Glute Bridge x 10

This should be a bodyweight (besides the swings) workout. Remember, we’re focusing on getting the heart rate up and breathing hard, not necessarily how much we can fatigue our muscles.

Try to get through as many rounds as possible.

Beginners - 1 set of 5 minutes

Intermediate - 2 sets of 5 minutes, 3 minutes rest in between

Advanced - 3 sets of 5 minutes, 3 minutes rest in between

How many rounds can you make it through?

Unsure of what the exercises are? Check out this video!

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