5 Exercises for a Total-Body Burn



By Nick Gallardo, BS, ACE-CPT

Having trouble finding a fitness workout to follow? You’re not alone. Type in “workout plan” into your search bar and you’ll find enough workouts to last a lifetime, maybe even two. Instead of wasting time perusing every single way to do a ‘one-arm upside-down split-push press’, check out this 25-minute, 5-exercise workout. The great thing is, you can use this template for an entire week. Just swap out the exercises each day for an effective routine.

Perform these exercises as a circuit for five rounds. Since you’ll be using different muscles for different movements, 30 seconds rest after each round is all that is needed before moving onto the next round.

Perform 8-10 repetitions, 5 rounds, 30 seconds rest between rounds

  • Push ups

  • Ring or TRX Rows

  • Dumbbell Bridges

  • Ball Rollout

  • Dumbbell Goblet Squat

Give this circuit a try and see if your body AND lungs are screaming at you when you’re done!

Click here to see a video of the exercises

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