3 Tips For Staying Consistent With Your Fitness During The Holidays



By Nick Gianatasio, NASM-CPT

Workout Anywhere!

Inclement weather has the potential to disrupt work, school and workout plans.  Be prepared to adapt your workout to wherever you may be stuck! A 15-20 minute workout consisting of body weight exercises and calisthenics is better than skipping a workout altogether! Plus it’s one you can do at home.

Try something new!

Have a few extra days off around a holiday?  Try a new type of workout/activity, something like climbing a rock wall, doing a trampoline workout or even hopping on a Peloton bike and taking a class. These are all examples of workouts that can be welcome switch-ups to your normal routine and help keep things on track during the holidays!

Reward Yourself!

With plenty of home cooked goodies to tempt us in November and December, reward yourself with a fresh baked cookie or an extra serving of mashed potatoes after a great workout!  This can help alleviate some of the guilt that comes with eating these things around the holidays and may lead to increased workout intensity in anticipation of that sweet (or salty) post-workout reward.

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