Kettlebells Before Dinner Bells



By Nick Gianatasio, NASM-CPT

As the weather outside turns frightful, indoor workouts can be delightful!  With the holidays on our heels, it is important to stay consistent with our workouts and keep the momentum that we’ve built up all year with our fitness goals.  Pushing ourselves a little bit harder with weights or cardio training can help make for some guilt-free indulging in our family’s favorite dishes during the holidays!  

Below is a full body, all kettlebell routine that can be done at home before dinner or at your home LifeStart location!

35 Minutes AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

  1. KB Offset Carry 1 minute (Switch arms every round)

  2. KB Swing 12 reps

  3. Kneeling KB Overhead Press (bottoms up) 6 reps/arm

  4. KB Goblet Squat 6 reps

  5. KB Bent Over Row 8 reps/arm

  6. Seated Abdominal Rotations w KB 10 reps/side

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