Setting Goals for Your Fitness in the New Year



by Paul Young, BS, CPT

So here we are again, reviewing our year and ready to make some changes! When it comes to our fitness, we know that it should be a priority, but for many, it doesn’t make the top of the list. In my experience with setting and accomplishing (or failing to accomplish) goals, there are certain things I can see that produce results, or don’t. Here are a few tips to think about in the New Year.

First, set up a time to sit down and put pen to paper (or the like) and really outline what it is you want to accomplish. When I talk to clients about goals, there is a lot of “I’d like to” or “I’m going to try and…”, but when it’s in our heads and not down on a paper, we can lose track of what it is we wanted to do. Also, the verbiage matters. “I will do” has far more impact on whether the goal will be accomplished or not.

Next, make those goals realistic. If you struggled getting to the gym on a regular basis, don’t tell yourself you will go every day. “I will get to the gym a minimum of twice a week for 6 weeks straight” is a better goal to start with. Remember that all goals can be adjusted, and that accomplishing the small ones make us feel better about what we are capable of!

On the other side, it is also worth mentioning that you can push yourself. A great quote from Doctor Perry Nickleston states, “Make your dreams so big that even when you fail it’s still huge!” My interpretation of this is that I have set my goals so high, even when I fail, I accomplished so much. But I still have work to do! If you come up short, it shouldn’t mean to throw in the towel. Get back up, get back in there!

Use your trainers and dietitians to keep you on track! When we have someone to hold us accountable to our goals, they are much easier to accomplish. Things are tough to do, but they are even tougher when we feel like it’s all on us. Your LifeStart community is there to provide the inspiration and support you need. Please reach out to them to talk more about setting goals and how to accomplish them.

Lastly, consistency will beat intensity every time. By all means, start hot and heavy and push yourself, but don’t get burnt out. Fitness should be a behavior we are doing on a daily basis if we want to be happy and healthy for a long time. If you try and do too much, you can feel overwhelmed, and working on your health should not be such a task. The longer you stay with it, the easier the small stuff will become.

Cheers to a great New Year, and we sincerely hope you accomplish your dreams moving forward!