New Year, New Goals



by Cara Simpson, RD, CPT, CHC

Every year at this time people begin to set New Year’s Resolutions around eating healthy and exercising more. Goals are the foundation of habit change, but must be carefully thought out in order to be successful. Here is a quick guide for setting goals in the New Year, which can apply to diet, exercise and lifestyle changes.

S – Specific:

I will go to the gym 3x each week.

M – Measurable:

I will exercise for 30 minutes 3x each week.

A – Attainable:

I currently exercise 1x/week so I will exercise 2-3x/week in the New Year.

R – Relevant:

It’s important for me to exercise because my doctor said it will improve my cholesterol. I will start with 2-3x/week in the New Year.

T – Timely:

I will go to the gym for 30 minutes 3x each week for a month and then have my cholesterol rechecked.

Goals should always be changing and evolving depending on how you are doing! Don’t be afraid to recognize that a goal isn’t working and change it so you can be more successful.