Pregnancy Fitness


by Paul Young, BS, CPT

Seeing as it is women’s health month, and I am a pre and post-natal certified trainer, I thought it would be great to talk about the things you should do before getting pregnant and while pregnant, as it pertains to exercise. Here are 7 important things to do before and during your pregnancy.

  1. Get to your doctor to have a check-up and make sure you are healthy enough for exercise as well as pregnancy. There can be underlying issues that may prevent you from getting pregnant that you have no way of knowing unless you get checked up.

  2. Start exercising before you get pregnant. Not only will this be better for you and the baby should you get pregnant, but studies have shown your fertility rate can increase with exercise. Also, if you are overweight, getting to the right BMI (20-25), will greatly increase your chances of getting pregnant.

  3. You must strengthen your core! There are many changes that happen as the baby grows, and changing your center of gravity is one of them. Having a strong core will allow you to easily adapt to these changes and stay away from the low back pain many women suffer from during pregnancy.

  4. Bring the intensity of your workouts down. If you are a woman that loves a long run, a sweaty spin class, or power yoga, you may want to dial it back just a bit. Exercise is a stress to the body, and like any other stress, too much of it could lead to complications in the pregnancy.

  5. Get the cardio in! Doing 30 minutes of moderate cardio will always be beneficial to your overall health. You need the endurance to make the pregnancy easier for daily activities and mental health. Further, once in labor, having a good heart makes the delivery that much easier.

  6. Don’t worry about the weight loss. Some women think that because they got pregnant, they need to drop weight for themselves and the baby. While some pounds may be lost due to healthier eating and exercising, do not dramatically cut calories or food groups on fad diets (or overtrain as stated above).

  7. Don’t forget that your partner’s fitness matters too! It takes about 90 days for sperm to develop, so make sure that your partner is practicing good eating habits and exercising just as you are. Also, research has shown sperm to be healthier in the colder months, so try to get pregnant in the winter or spring. 

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