Picnic Table Workout



by Paul Young, BS, CPT

Now that summer is in full swing, you might find yourself beachside or at a barbecue. That does not mean you can’t get your strength and conditioning on still! Here is a workout for everyone using a picnic table, and either sand or grass.

For strength, go through every exercise, rest for 2 minutes, then do it again. 5 rounds.

For Conditioning, 5 rounds, 1 min rest between rounds


  • Plank w/ Scapular Push-ups
  • Glute Bridge
  • World’s Greatest Stretch


  • Bench Push-ups (10-20 reps): use the bench or table-top to put your hands (easier) or feet on
  • Squats (20-30 reps): use the bench as your end range of motion if needed
  • Hip-Extensions (10-15 reps each leg): with hands on bench, extend hip by pushing heel directly behind you
  • Bench V-ups (20-30 reps): while sitting on the bench, bring your knees to your chest, then push your feet straight out in front of you, then knees back to the chest again
  • Push-ups (10-20 reps): Diamond, regular, or knee
  • Bulgarian Split Squats (10-15 reps each leg): with one foot on the bench, lunge while keeping your knee in line with your big toe. For more ankle mobility, extend the knee past the toes (w/o the heel coming off the ground)
  • 45-degree Hip-Extensions: with hands on the bench, extend hip with heel pushing back 45 degrees (in between straight back and to the side)
  • Flutter Kicks: while on your back and your hands just below your gluts, lift your feet off the ground, point your toes, and alternate lifting and lowering your right and left leg


  • Power Jumps (5-10 reps): jump on to the bench or tabletop in on big powerful movement– Find a spot where it would take you 5-7 seconds to get to running quickly, then mark that spot. Do the following exercises using that space.
  • Sprints (40 yards): sprint to the end, then sprint back
  • High Knees: lift the knees as high as possible the length of your marked area
  • Lateral Shuffle: Face sideways and shuffle your feet. Stay facing the same way to come back
  • Walk back to bench

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