Take It Outside

by Cara Simpson, RD, CPT, CHC

With nice weather right around the corner it’s time to switch up your normal workout routine and take it outside! It’s important to always change your workout routine as the body gets comfortable doing the same thing week after week. Not only this, but exercising outside has many other benefits!

Outdoor exercise has been shown to be more intense

Try this: Compare your next outdoor run to your treadmill run – are you able to run at the same pace, same distance or for the same amount of time? Wind and terrain can have a huge impact on your workout.

Improve vitamin D levels

Small doses of sunshine provide an essential dose of vitamin D!

Exercising outdoors can improve your mood

Try taking your circuit routine to a nearby park and take time to notice the extra energy and positive feelings afterward. See sample park workout for an example!

Park Workout

Alternating step ups onto bench x 24

Push-ups on bench x 12

Jumping pull ups on monkey bars x 12

Mountain climbers x 50

Take a lap around the park

Repeat 3x