Build a Better (Stronger) Back Workout


by Nick Gallardo, BS, ACE-CPT

Most people in the gym who lift weights are pretty comfortable working the muscles they can see; the biceps, chest, quadriceps, etc. but a lot of people neglect to work anything else but those “mirror muscles”. It’s time to start thinking about working the backside as well. Neglecting those muscles that you don’t necessarily see every day may lead to some serious dysfunction and injury over time.

If you’re someone who’s cooped up at a desk all day, chances are you may have developed some poor posture while sitting. An example of poor seated posture is a forward rolling of the shoulders with a forward flexion of the neck, with a nice rounded back. Researchers from a 2014 study found that a 60 degree flexion of the neck can put as much as sixty pounds of pressure on the spine! Ouch. This poor posture is not only bad for the cervical spine, but can also lead to problems in the hips and lower back as well. Building a stronger upper back will help to maintain better posture, both sitting and standing. Also, your back will look pretty great too.

Convinced it might be time to show your back some love? Try this workout to get a better, and stronger back:

Chin up (can be band assisted) or TRX Chin up 4 x 4

DB Single Arm Row 3-4 x 8

TRX High Row 2-3 x 12

Banded Face Pull 2-3 x 15

Have no clue what any of this means? This video may help!


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