Don't Skip That Warm Up

by Nick Gallardo, BS, ACE-CPT

It's pretty easy to see that people view warming up before a workout about the similar to visiting the dentist: It's dreadful and they only do it about twice a year.

I get it, you have a finite amount of time and spending a few minutes warming up isn’t what you had in mind for your workout. Let me tell you why you should think twice the next time you think about skipping your warm up.

A thorough warm up should physically prepare you for your workout. Let’s think about, say, every professional sport on earth.  When do you see a team/player not warm up before their performance? True, you might not be sprinting for Olympic gold on a Tuesday afternoon at the gym, but you're about to give your body a back-alley beat down and it needs to be prepared for it.

Performing a proper warm up before your workout will absolutely lead to a more productive workout. A good warm up raises core body temperature, increases joint mobility, and heightens central nervous system activity (your brain and muscles work better together). If you want to stay injury free while also making great progress during your workouts, a great warm up is going to be your starting point.

Now that I have you sold on the idea of warming up (right?), you’re itching for a good pre-workout routine. I prefer to use drills that incorporate the entire body into the warm up while taking as little time as possible. Try this routine out before your next workout:

Foam Roll various body segments

Bridge with Reach x12 each side

Toe Touch to Squat x10

Yoga Push Ups x10

Suitcase Carry x25 yards each arm

Bridge with Reach

Toe Touch to Squat

Yoga Push Up

Suitcase Carry

Muscles warm: check

Joints mobile: check

Heart rate jacked: check

Total time: roughly 10 minutes