The One Kettlebell Workout

by Nick Gallardo, BS, ACE-CPT

It's the worst when all you want to do after work is get your workout in quickly and go home. The only problem - almost every piece of equipment is taken. A line is forming at the treadmills and every bench is occupied. Even the clamps to hold the weights on the bar are being used by some guy working on “grip strength”. The solution: The One Kettlebell Workout!

This workout is simple to follow:

Step 1: Pick a kettlebell

Step 2: Complete the following exercise in circuit fashion:

Goblet Squat

Half-Kneeling Overhead Press

Romanian Deadlift

Single Arm Row

Suitcase Carry

Complete 8 repetitions of each exercise, along with 30 seconds each arm of the Suitcase Carry. Rest for 20 seconds and then repeat for a total of 4-6 rounds.

Make sure you pick a weight that is appropriate for all of the exercises. The overhead press will most likely be your weakest exercise, so do a test and see what weight feels right for that exercise before starting the circuit.

Why a kettlebell? The offset weight when holding a kettlebell challenges our shoulder stabilizers (i.e. rotator cuff) to do their jobs while also increasing core activation. If you don’t have a kettlebell available, a dumbbell will work just fine!

Want to see what the workout looks like? Check out this video of the full circuit!