Holiday Hustle



by Nick Gallardo, BS, ACE-CPT

The holiday season should be a season where friends and family come together to celebrate “christmahanakwanzika” and spread holiday cheer. It’s also the season where a lot of gym-goers find excuses to blow off their workouts due to the in-laws coming to visit, often citing a lack of “time” or “sanity”.

Remember, not every workout has to be your best workout.This workout should be enough to get your through the holidays; It’s quick and doesn’t require very much equipment or space. Whether you’re traveling or tight on time, this workout can be done anywhere

Holiday Hustle Pyramid Workout 10-8-6-4(-6-8-10)

Perform 10 reps of each exercise. After all exercises have been completed, without rest, complete 8 more reps of each exercise in descending fashion until you have completed 4 reps of each exercise. To make it more challenging, climb back up the pyramid (another 6,8,10 repetitions).

  • Banded OR Bodyweight Push Up
  • Split Squat
  • Band Bent Over Row
  • Frog Pumps
  • Bear Craw

Check out the video here!