Fall Indoor Workout



by Paul Young, BS, CPT

It’s cold again! It’s not very easy to get out to the lakefront and have a nice view with a cool breeze on your face, without taking the time to get all bundled up. Here’s a great workout where you only need 20 minutes of your time, a rower, a curve or treadmill, and some dumb bells.

Warm up:

  • 2 min row

  • World’s greatest stretch

  • 2 minute curve or treadmill run

    • 30 second “recovery” jog or walk (find your mph)

    • 20 second %80-90 of sprint or run (again find your mph)


  • 1 minute row as fast as you can (find your average for 500m pace and keep that time throughout the workout)

  • 20 seconds lateral med ball or sandbell slams

  • 10 second rest

  • 20 seconds DB bent over row

  • 1 minute interval treadmill or curve – 20 second recovery pace, 20 second sprint,          20 second recovery pace or walk

  • 20 seconds – stand on single leg, dumb bells in hand (light) and laterally raised, make small circles rotating forward -  after 10 seconds, switch legs and direction of circles

  • 10 second rest

  • 20 seconds push-up variations – standard, narrow, wide, spiderman, single leg, etc…

This is a 4 minute cycle if you push yourself to switch quickly. Let’s say 5 minutes if you’re pacing yourself to go all 20 minutes. Get through as many rounds as you can!