WIthin recent years, the term antioxidant has become a buzzword and has gained a lot of attention on health blogs, in the media, on restaurant menus and in health-food stores. But what are these health enhancing substances?

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Intuitive Eating

Intuitive eating is a nutrition philosophy that incorporates self-awareness and encourages individuals to make peace with food and to respect their body. Mindfulness, the state of being present in the moment, is the cornerstone of this lifestyle approach. 

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Marathon Training Before Marathon Training

Most people start training for a marathon about 4 months out from the race. If you’re thinking of running Chicago’s marathon in October, or any marathon in the future, the winter is the perfect time to begin your training. Use these cold months to prep your body to make it through those long runs of summer injury free!

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Winter Produce

As seasons change, so do the items that fill the produce sections of markets. Eating seasonally is a sure way to eat produce at its peak flavor. Additionally, you’ll benefit from increased variety of produce and the different nutrients that seasonal fruits and vegetables offer.

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