Stability Ball Glute Bridge to Leg Curl

By: Eddie Dusik ACSM-CPT, CSCS

Muscle Groups: Glutes and Hamstrings

Importance: This movement will help strengthen your legs while improving your stability and coordination.

Proper Form:

1. Start by laying on your back with your feet and ankles on a stability ball.

2. Hands should be placed on the ground or at your chest and your legs should be extended with your feet on top of the stability ball.

3. Begin the exercise by lifting the hips off the ground until the back and hips are in a straight line while maintaining shoulders and your head on the mat.

4. Once your hips are all the way up off the ground, flexing at the knees, pull the ball towards your body.

5. Once the ball is curled towards your body, push the ball back out to the starting point by extending your legs.

6. After the legs have been extended, lower the hips back down to the ground.



  • Elevate your hips by squeezing your glutes

  • Maintain elevated hips when curling and extending legs

  • Move in a controlled manner

Sample Workout:

1. 12 Dumbbell Squats

2. 10 Stability Ball Glute Bridge to Leg Curls

3. 10 Step-Ups

Repeat 3 times

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