Single Arm Kneeling Unilateral Press


Muscle Groups: Deltoids, Core

Importance: This unilateral movement will help you not only improve your shoulder strength and overhead push mobility but also help ignite your core.

Proper Form:

1. Start in a kneeling position on your mat, with one leg forward and one leg behind you.

2. Grab a kettlebell or dumbbell with the opposite hand of whichever leg is in front. (Left foot forward = right arm presses, right foot forward, left arm presses)

3. Embracing your core, start by leveling off your shoulders and extending the opposite arm out to your side to help maintain balance.

4. From here, complete a normal shoulder press. Starting with the weight down by your shoulder and pressing it up overhead.

5. Lower back down and repeat.

6. Switch to the other side!


  • Try to keep your front leg straight in line rather that stepping out wide.

  • Keep your front foot planted on the floor and your back foot toe tucked under.

  • Make sure that you are not allowing your hip or side to bend out during the motion.

Sample Workout:

  1. 10 Push Ups

  2. 10 SA Kneeling Unilateral Presses

  3. 10 SA Kneeling Unilateral Presses

  4. 30 Second High Plank

Repeat 3 times