Meet the Trainer: Cara Ayala


Name: Cara Ayala

Location: Samsung- San Jose, California

Title: Regional Manager

Instagram handle: @cara_beann_rd

Fitness Philosophy: “Exercise to be fit, eat to nourish your body”

Favorite Teaching Moment: Anytime someone nails a hip hinge! It is fun using different cues to help clients understand movement patterns.

Favorite Workout: I love leg days because they make me feel so strong! I usually try to incorporate some heavier basic moves like squats and hip thrusts with plyometric moves like jump squats and jump lunges.

Favorite Pre/Post Workout Snack: Pre-workout: coffee. Post workout: oatmeal mixed with unflavored whey protein powder and topped with berries

Random fact about you: I love Mexican food, but I hate burritos! It’s all about the taco!