LifeStory: Victoria V.


“I have been a member at Lifestart since September 2018. When I started this journey, I had no idea where it was going to take me. Before working with Jill, I had never even thought to work with a personal trainer. But after having two kids back-to-back, I needed to add another dimension to my work out routine.

I was a soccer player back in the day and had never lifted a weight in my life. Jill took me to a new level I never knew I needed. My lean weight to fat weight ratio is better and I have lost inches off my body. I have turned my body composition around and I am more comfortable in my skin. I still have a way to go on this journey but I am more confident in how I look and feel.

I have worked my way to up 3 personal training sessions a week and 1-2 sessions of cardio on my own. I use what Jill has taught me to do mini workouts when I can at home. I have even managed to get my husband to do plank competitions on the weekend!

Overall, I can say I am healthier than I have ever been. I am a huge advocate of personal training and I have mentioned to Jill quite a few times she is stuck with me forever! Sometimes you need an extra push to move and motivate you to get to the next level. Huge shout out to Jill helping me achieve my goals and never letting me give up!

If I can offer any advice it would be “Never miss a Monday!” As much as Monday workouts are rough, I know it helps set the tone for my week.”