Pallof Press



Muscle Groups: Core, Chest, Shoulders

Importance: This anti-rotational movement will teach you how to brace your core by resisting pull and pushing at the same time.

Proper Form:

  1. Start with the handle attachment on the cable machine and set the height to about chest level.

  2. Standing next to the cable, take a few steps away from the machine while holding the handle until it becomes taught.

  3. Feet starting at hip width apart, push the handle away from your chest. Actively resist the urge to turn your body towards the cable machine.

  4. Still resisting the urge to face the cable machine, pull the handles back in towards your chest and repeat.

  5. Switch sides.


  • Grip the handle with both hands, even if one feels to be doing most of the work.

  • Keep your hips and shoulders facing forward, do not let them turn towards the cable.

  • Exhale on the push out, inhale on the pull back.

Sample Workout:

  1. 12 Right Pallof Presses

  2. 12 Left Pallof Presses

  3. 12 Laying Leg Raises

Repeat 3 times