5 Easy Ways to Get Fit this Summer



Looking to get your summer body in tip top shape? Here are a couple of ways to get sweating!

  1. Take advantage of free outdoor workouts. Lots of fitness stores, gyms and our LifeStart locations offer free fun-runs, yoga classes and more. Chicago friends— ask your GM about our Navy Pier Summer fitness classes!

  2. Get a pool membership. Not only will it cool you down from the hot summer heat but swimming laps is a great way to get low impact cardio in.

  3. Join a summer league. Baseball, soccer, volleyball— you name it. Whether leisurely playing or for competition, sports are sure to get you moving!

  4. Go for an evening walk. Longer daylight hours make for great after-dinner sunset walks. Post-dinner walks can also curb your late night appetite and help with digestion.

  5. Visit your local park. Grab your kiddos and head to the local park. Instead of sitting on the bench, join in! Try the monkey bars, climb up the steps, swing on the swings! Important thing is to just keep moving.

Happy summertime!