Odor Be Gone


Have you ever been to the point where your gym shoes smell so bad you want to give them the “boot”? With summer months just around the corner and heat slowly creeping in, most of us battle with sweaty smelly odors. This can come from your shoes, socks or even your favorite sweat-band. This stench comes from the moisture not drying— leading to growth of bacteria. It can be on your socks, shoes or even your feet! The simplest solution is to keep everything as dry as possible. But, if you’re anything like me that just isn’t possible! So here are a few ways to battle the odor and keeping your favorite workout shoes smelling fresh as long as possible.

1. Baking Soda – Depending on how much deodorizing your sneakers need, sprinkle in and on the shoes. Let the baking soda soak up the moisture and bacteria for 24-48 hours. After that, dump out the baking soda and your shoes will have a neutralized scent to run again!

2. White Vinegar and Citrus- This was a trick I learned working in a children’s gymnastics and dance gym. It is important to recall that the smell mainly comes from the bacteria produced from the dampness of the shoes, clothes or gym equipment. White vinegar is a powerful agent to quickly kill this bacteria. Grab a spray bottle, white vinegar, water and orange or lemon peel. This will help kill bacteria and leave your items smelling fresh! Make sure these items have time to dry before working out again. This concoction also works great for the yogis out there. Simply spray on your mat, let sit for 60 seconds and then wipe away the odor!

3. Essential Oils- For those of you with more of an odor issue, essential oils may be your answer! They smell lovely without the chemicals found in perfumes and body sprays. A couple dabs of your favorite oils will last for a few workouts. My personal favorite for my yoga gear is lavender and eucalyptus.

4. Chill Out- Did you know freezing the bacteria is another way to kill that harsh scent?! If you live in cold weather, go ahead and leave your shoes outside overnight! However, be careful if you live in a climate that comes with heavy dew in the morning. In that circumstance, you’ll need to make sure you bring your coveted workout gear inside before more moisture seeps in. If you aren’t a fan of leaving your property outside, you can always designate a spot in your freezer!

Don’t be afraid to wear your sweat with pride, knowing that you have some remedies for the after math! Keep your gear as dry as possible and enjoy the sweatiest workout you can!