Renegade Rows


Muscle Groups: Back, Core, Shoulders

Importance: Renegade rows are a great way to strengthen your entire core at once. Not only will it target your transverse abdominis and latissimus dorsi, but it will also work your shoulders and arms at the same time. This exercise is great to toss in at the end of a killer core workout or back day!

Proper Form:

  1. Start with the dumbbells parallel to one another on the ground. Gripping the dumbbells, lift yourself into a high plank position.

  2. When in a high plank position, your body should be as flat as a board. Your shoulders should remain above your wrists and hips in line with the rest of the body.

  3. Row your right arm until it is in line with your back, keeping the dumbbell tucked in close to your body.

  4. Place right dumbbell back on the ground and repeat with the left side, alternating.


  • Try not to rotate your entire body, and to keep your hips stable facing the ground.

  • Think about using your back to utilize this motion, not just your arm!

  • Keep your gaze straight in front of you to avoid neck discomfort.

Sample Workout:

  1. 10 Full Sit Ups

  2. 10 Reverse Flies

  3. 10 Russian Twists

  4. 10 Renegade Rows per side

Repeat 3 times