10 Ways to Walk More


With summer in full swing, us trainers are getting more and more questions on how to “lean down” and “trim up” as quickly as possible to get ready for whatever the next beach holiday is. While working out for an hour every day may not be in the books for your busy summer schedule, increasing activities of daily living can help with a little extra caloric deficit here and there. Below are 10 ways you can increase your step count!

  1. Park farther away from your destination and walk the rest of the way.

  2. Get off public transit one or two stops early and walk the final portion.

  3. Plan a walking meeting at work or a walking phone call with a friend/family member.

  4. Walk to breakfast, lunch or dinner date and uber home.

  5. Walk around the airport terminal before your flight.

  6. Go for an evening walk to curb late night cravings.

  7. Don’t use the bathroom/printer/water fountain closest to you at work. Go to the one upstairs, the one down the hallway or even the opposite side of the room! It may seem tedious, but all those steps add up.

  8. Sip your morning tea/coffee while going for a quick walk around the block. Bonus— it may help you wake up more than the caffeine!

  9. Take the stairs. If you live on 5+ floors, try taking the stairs halfway up and use the elevator the rest of the way.

  10. Walk the beach or around the pool. You’ll still get a tan!