Spring Clean your Snacking


By: Olivia Morgan RDN, LDN

Who doesn’t love a good snack? Snacking in between meals can be a helpful way to get you from one meal to the next without reaching an uncomfortable level of hunger. As Spring comes into full swing, the days are (slowly) getting longer, and perhaps the length of time between your meals is getting longer. Picking up kids from spring sports, catching happy hour with coworkers, or getting out to enjoy some time outdoors; you may find yourself pushing back your dinner later and later to enjoy this time of year.

After a meal, it takes an average of four to five hours for our stomachs to completely empty. Having a healthy and balanced snack three hours after your last meal is a great way to help keep your energy levels up during longer stretches between meals. But what does a “balanced” snack entail? It’s time to spring clean your snacks, and that means ditching that bag of chips. A satisfying snack includes some healthy carbohydrates, especially those with fiber, and a lean  source of protein. Fiber and protein will keep you full and satisfied till your next meal, and carbohydrates will give you some quick energy.

Easy options for fiber-filled carbohydrate options include:

-Fruit (maybe some seasonal products highlighted in our last post)

-Whole grain crackers


-Carrots, snap peas, or other low-prep vegetables

Easy protein options can include:

-Cheese stick

-Nut butters

-Greek yogurt


There are many more options for healthy snack options, but keep in mind the carbohydrate, fiber and protein as your formula for a successful snack. For even more healthy snack options, check out our weekly recipe for some great recipes for smoothies, energy bites, and even homemade granola bars!