Meet the RD: Hollee Mohni

Hollee Pic.jpg

Name: Hollee Mohni, MS, RDN/LDN

Title: General Manager/Registered Dietitian

Location: Irving, TX

Favorite food: Cheesecake

Background: I grew up as a competitive swimmer, which is where my passion for fitness and nutrition began. Through my time competing and exercising on my own, I experienced multiple injuries that I realized could have easily been prevented with proper coaching, knowledge, and nutrition. This led me to pursue a degree in both exercise and nutrition, as nutrition is another key factor for preventing injury and improving performance. My goal is to teach and coach others the proper way to exercise to avoid injuries, like the ones I have experienced. I take a specific approach to training that helps restore the basic foundation of movement we started with as children to improve movement through the lifespan.

Nutrition Philosophy: Making dietary changes can be challenging, but it doesn’t need to start as a total 360 degree change that is completely different than what you are used to. It is important to help foster a positive relationship with food. I like to help clients make healthy swaps in cooking to reduce calories and improve nutrition on dishes they are already familiar with, as well as introducing some new ideas as well.

Health Tip: Choose low calorie beverages. Don’t deprive yourself of things you enjoy. Everything in moderation is truly the key! Stay hydrated, and eat those fruits and veggies.