Spring Clean Your Nutrition


By: Olivia Morgan RDN, LDN

It’s that time of the year. Even if you don’t love spring cleaning, you have to admit it feels good to clean out forgotten corners of your house. Spring is often associated with starting fresh and new. Use this time of the year to focus on using fresh new recipes and ingredients and cleaning out any old unhealthy habits. Over the next few weeks we will go through some tips on how to spring clean your nutrition habits.

Week 1 Tip: Clean out the kitchen

As you spring clean your house, don’t forget about the pantry and the refrigerator. Take this time to take all the items out of your fridge, clean off the shelves, and throw away any old or outdated items.

After wiping the shelves down, think about dedicating one area to some healthy items. Now that it’s organized you’ll be able to give it your first priority when you open the fridge. Try putting washed and cut fruit and veggies into clear plastic containers so that they are ready to go. It makes it a lot easier to add more fruits and vegetables into your diet when they are ready to eat or add to your cooking.  

When going through the pantry, do the same thing. Check expiration dates, toss any stale products that may have gotten lost in the depths of your pantry. When you work on refilling your pantry, keep in mind the 80/20 principle. This means fill your pantry with 80% healthy nutrient dense foods. The other 20% can include some not so healthy items or treats to indulge in occasionally (For instance— dark chocolate squares for a dose of sweetness and antioxidants!)

Once you are done with your kitchen, be sure to make yourself a celebratory healthy spring meal for all of your hard work!