Accountability Counts


By: Veronica Rodell

One of the largest obstacles to get over in the fitness and wellness field is motivation. Sometimes we feel like a hamster on a wheel. Trying and trying to reach our goals of health and wellness, yet we just seem to miss the mark and not understanding why. A great way to combat that obstacle is providing yourself with some accountability. Here are 3 tips for keeping yourself accountable and on track to reaching your goal.

1. Journal – Do not hesitate to go the old school route on this one! Buy yourself a new notebook, get some nice pens and set aside time to journal every day. This, is a personal favorite of mine. Some days I write about my struggle with food or I may write about how exhilarated I felt finishing a hard work out. Find a writing style that works for you, and do not worry about whether or not it sounds good enough to be in a magazine. You can log out your meals, track your workouts, draw motivational pictures or write down quotes! If all that fails, simply write about how you are feeling about your health journey that day. Journals can help you look back and track not only what you did a week ago, but how it affected your route of accomplishing your goals.

2. There’s an App for That — In this day and age, with all that the internet has to offer, accountability apps are everywhere. There are workout apps, food log apps… even most smart phones count your steps! If the options are over whelming for you, ask your LifeStart staff if they have a favorite or reliable app they can recommend. However, if you have a specific need or goal, make sure to do your research on the apps you are incorporating into your wellness routine. As awesome as apps can be for overall health, some apps may be incorrect on things such as calorie count or heart rate. Try to find legitimate organizations apps and ask your LifeStart Dietitian or Personal trainer for help!

3. Strength in Numbers — A fitness buddy may be what is making or breaking you getting to that Pilates class or going for that run outside. It is easy to hit the snooze button and decide to sleep in on a Saturday when the only person you have to worry about is yourself. However, committing to a workout with a friend helps keep you both accountable! You can use this time to strengthen not only your body, but a bond with another person. Make plans to go to a new class or trail nearby and you’ll both reap the benefits!