Green your Workout!


By: Samantha Bland MS, ACSM-CPT 

In honor of earth day, here are a few tips to be more eco-friendly during your sweat sessions!

1. Recycle your gym shoes!

2. Use a reusable water bottle. Americans throw away enough plastic water bottles a year to circle the earth 4 times! Small changes add up!

3. Skip the treadmill, Stairmaster, and stationary bike for an outside work out or a machine that is self-powered by your movement. Think rower, spin bikes, and a self-powered elliptical.

4. Organic cotton exercise clothes. Some companies use organic, recycled cotton fibers that are less harmful to the earth during production.

5. Walk or bike to work once a week! You get your work out in before you even step foot into work with zero pollution output!

6. If you are driving to work or the gym, clean out your car first. The more stuff you store in your car, the more gas you need to get around.

7. Find an earth friendly yoga mat. Certain yoga mats are made with synthetic rubber and are recyclable.

8. Wash your exercise clothes in larger loads. Save water and energy with larger loads. Washing just a few pieces every day wastes a ton of water! Plus, this way you are more likely to use those same few shirts that sit at the bottom of your drawer and never get worn.