Power Plants


By: Veronica Rodell

Let’s talk about greens! No, not the ones on your plate. This is my favorite time of year to add a new member to my plant family. Plants are so much more than just aesthetically pleasing— they have purpose! Here are four of my personal favorites to get you started:

1. Aloe Vera — This medicinal plant is a must! Aloe Vera is fantastic in many areas of the home or office where there is sunlight. Most of us know Aloe Vera for the healing properties of the gel when used on cuts or burns. But Aloe Vera also promotes a peaceful slumber… releasing oxygen as you dream!

2. Peace Lily — A common household plant that is known for its low maintenance. Peace Lilies can increase humidity in the home by as much as 5%. Aiding in dry skin and hair, decreasing static electricity, and reducing virus survival. Keep in mind these tropical plants are toxic to your pets!

3. Snake Plant — Also known as “mother-in-law’s tongue” because of its’ sharp leaves. This plant needs very little attendance or watering. The main use is air filtration. If anyone if your family has asthma, get one of these to remove formaldehyde and cleanse the air.

4. Rosemary— This plant does more than garnish dinner plants! Rosemary is often found in many holistic remedies. It boosts acetylcholine levels in the body and also helps you focus. It is said that it can help you concentrate for longer periods of time and locks in memories. Rosemary is also a natural disinfectant. So grab an empty spray bottle and fill it with water, vinegar, baking soda and rosemary. You’ll have a great all purpose cleaner!

Now you have a couple handy tips and reasons to start your plant family at home or in the office. Remember to give your plants lots of love and care. If having a “green thumb” isn’t in your DNA, ask for soil cards when purchasing. These will tell you the amount of water, sunlight and attention the need.

Happy planting!