Spring Clean Your Grocery List


By: Olivia Morgan RDN, LDN

Spring is finally here and with it, fresh produce! Increased availability of affordable fresh fruits and vegetables makes healthy eating much easier. Better yet, fresh produce is cheaper when in season, benefiting your body and your wallet. Our last post discussed cleaning out the fridge and pantry to make room for some fresh and healthy items. Today, we are going to give you tips on how to add more seasonal fruits and vegetables into your routine and reasons why you should!


  • Take advantage of the better weather and free up some time to check out a local farmers market. Be sure to plan ahead and create a shopping list to make the most of your time- pick a recipe with a new seasonal fruit or vegetable and check your pantry before you get there. Check out this helpful guide from the USDA to see what produce is in season and get ideas for some recipes you can make with them.

  • Set a goal to add one additional fruit or vegetable into your routine every day. This could be adding an afternoon snack that you know you enjoy or trying something new! From cabbage spring rolls to easy pineapple slaw, you’ll always have something interesting to put on your plate.

  • Try out your green thumb and grow some yourself! No need for an elaborate backyard garden- you can grow tomatoes, strawberries and even cucumbers in a pot by a sunny window. Just pick up some seeds from a local nursery and get planting!


  • More affordable: This time of year you often see a box of strawberries go from $8 to $4 in just a few short weeks. Taking advantage of these prices makes healthy eating much more feasible and budget-friendly.

  • More nutrient dense: Seasonal produce often has less distance to travel to get to our grocery stores and onto our plates, meaning there is less time between harvest and consumption. The fresher the products, the more nutrients and phytochemicals are preserved.

  • Tastier: A tomato in January and a tomato in June taste like two different foods. Fruits and vegetables are much juicier and taste the most delicious when they are in season. Take advantage of this time to enjoy more fresh produce at their best!