Spring Equinox


By: Veronica Rodell

Our spring equinox is finally around the corner! Even though its been quite chilly in different parts of the country, March 20th is soon approaching! This will start to give us longer days and shorter nights. Have you been busy hibernating under your weighted blanket from Target? You are certainly not alone. But spring is exciting, for the promise of warmer weather, sunshine, flowers and permission to start a new. Here are a couple ways to embrace the Spring, encourage rebirth and fresh starts!

1. Spring Cleaning- Sometimes there is nothing better than the good old fashioned spring cleaning session. The kind your grandmother swears by! There is a reason why Marie Kondo’s “Spark Joy” has swept America’s pop culture by storm. It is rooted in the idea of minimalism. Only holding on to the things that bring us happiness or joy, releasing anything that can be material or even emotional weight. Clean space, clean mind!

2. Spring Markets- One of my favorite parts of this season change has to be our outdoor Farmer’s Markets coming back! I like to go to markets with an open mind and buy fruits or vegetables that are in season. Try to buy one or two new produce items that you wouldn’t normally try, see how you can “season” your go to dishes with something fresh and new! Your LifeStart Dietitian is available to give you interesting new recipes if you get stumped.

3. Outside, Inside- If you are city living and having trouble getting into the spring spirit, bring the spring spirit to you! Plants, flowers and herb gardens are the quickest way to brighten the home, purify the air, and even jazz up your cooking! Having a small herb garden not only smells great, but there is something sincerely sweet and homey about seasoning your dishes with your very own home grown herbs. Cooking isn’t the only way these aromas can be taken advantage of, but maybe sprinkling herbs and old flower petals into a delightful, self-care Saturday salt bath!

4. To-Do’s! – List making has changed my life! Talk about clean space, clean mind. I wouldn’t only apply this advice to home life, but very much so at the work place as well. Feeling like your desk is swamped in papers and deadlines? Chances are your desk is a reflection of what’s going on in that brain of yours. Take time to dedicate to getting your work space organized. Once organized, prioritize. This normally will make your to-do list easier to manage and much more satisfying when you’re able to cross things off, one by one.

5. Soak in Vitamin D- Now that the sun is finally starting to show us its’ lovely face again, let’s say hello back! The average sunshine time recommended by doctors is 15-45 minutes of midday sun rays. A solid 15 minutes of direct Vitamin D can be what you need to kick those Monday blues!

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