Gliders and Sliding Disks

By Samantha Bland MS, ACSM-CPT 
Gliders or sliding disks are an awesome addition to basic moves and are also super convenient! Gliders put a unique spin on exercises by forcing your muscles to be under constant tension the whole time. For example, in a reverse lunge, rather than picking up your foot to step back, you will keep your foot on the glider the whole time as you slide back, forcing your leg muscles to stay engaged. Gliders can also help improve balance and also offer a low impact alternative to exercises. Try the exercises below and notice the difference. You are guaranteed to see an improvement of your balance and stability in just a few weeks!

Reverse lunge.JPG

Reverse Lunge: Place one foot on the slider. Slowly step back, dragging the slider along beneath your foot. Repeat on the opposite side.

Plank oblique.JPG

Plank Oblique Crunch: Start in a plank position with both feet on Gliders. Slowly draw your right leg forward until your bent knee touches the side of your right elbow. Slowly go back to plank position and do the same on the opposite side.

Mountain climbers.JPG

Mountain Climbers: Similar to the plank oblique crunches, start in a plank position with both feet on gliders. This time, alternating legs, draw the knee in towards your chest quickly and alternate as fast as possible!

Hamstring Curl: Laying on your back, place your heels on the gliders. Lift your hips, and bending at the knee, draw your feet in towards your body.


Plank Jack: Start in a plank position with both of your feet on gliders. Keeping your legs straight, slowly split at the feet moving your feet out horizontally. Bring back in and repeat.