What is Activated Charcoal?


By: Veronica Rodell

We see celebrities using it on their face, Groupon is selling charcoal teeth whitening jars like hot cakes, convenient capsules, and what is with putting it in Froyo to make my dessert as black as the night sky? We’ve been seeing Activated Charcoal everywhere lately!

Well, yours truly decided to dive in to see what all the fuss was about! The first thing I learned is that if it is loose powder…it is going to be messy. Very, very messy. But for something so messy, boy does it clean up good! Activated charcoal by definition is “charcoal that has been heated or otherwise treated to increase its absorptive power”. This is what helps trap and sweep away toxins in more ways than you know!

1. Teeth Whitening- I did it. I caved and bought a tub of activated charcoal that a lovely Instagram-Influencer had advertised. I gave it a week and I am surprised to see that it actually did whiten my teeth! The pores of charcoal are an amazing vehicle to remove tartar build up that is difficult to get to in hard to reach places. To find a teeth whitening agent that doesn’t make my teeth sensitive and gum ache is a win!

2. Skin Treatment- Charcoal mud masks, scrubs, soaps, and peels… So many options but I decided to try out a mask, hoping it’d be a little less messy in my all white bathroom. Still messy, but once again, I experienced noticeable results! I sure felt like a glowing goddess after I washed all the dark mud off my porcelain white skin. Blackheads gone, inflammation down, and soft as a baby’s bottom! I learned that the charcoal draws out the impurities such as dirt, oil, make up, and even the bacteria build up left over from post workout sweat. Perfect skin aid for an active, sweaty, sensitive skin chick such as myself!

3. Travel Buddy- My first experience with activated charcoal was when I traveled out of the country for the first time. We went to a remote part of Costa Rica and were advised to take charcoal pills if we planned on drinking anything outside of a bottle. I like to immerse myself when I travel, so charcoal capsules it was! And let me tell ya, I know my fellow travel buddy wished she had done the same from the get go. Charcoal draws out the poisons or any irregularities that your body is not handling well. Now I ever leave home without it!

4. Internal Toxin Removal- These recommendations aren’t just topical. Activated charcoal can clean out your digestive system, help lower cholesterol and even help reduce the symptoms of a hangover. Just like when it is used outside the body, it does the same thing inside the body too. Trapping poisons, toxins, and bad bacteria’s and escorting them out of your body in a safe, comfortable way without weird side effects.

I have learned from my fun charcoal experiences that it is definitely something I will continue to keep in my medicine cabinet as well as my beauty routine. It’s safe, gentle and effective! See what activated charcoal can do for you and your daily feel – good happiness!


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