Meet the RD: Amber Worthen


Amber Worthen RD, LDN, NASM- CPT, AFAA Group Fitness Instructor

Introduction: My name is Amber Worthen, and I’m the general manager at a LifeStart site over on the East Coast. I have always been fascinated with nutrition, and the impact it can have on someone’s overall life and happiness.

Healthy Mindset: I go through various phases of dietary habits, depending on the time of year, my schedule, and what my goals are. Generally, I enjoy following what some would call “intuitive eating”. On a day to day basis, I aim to make healthy meals that will fill me up made up of protein , healthy fat and fiber. I find that the combination of these three nutrients fill me up and keep me full, as well as provide my body with nutrients that don’t cause huge blood sugar spikes or drops- which keeps my energy up throughout the day! On the occasion that there are treats or something to indulge in, I won’t deprive myself, but also won’t go overboard. I find that if I tell myself I “can’t”, then I’ll end up indulging too much, compromising my goals. If I tell myself I “can” and am flexible, then I am comfortable in having a small portion to enjoy, without overdoing it. I practice this mindset with many of my clients as well, trying to introduce the idea that food is a positive thing, and should not be associated with negatively.

Healthy Tip: Throughout the week, I am very busy, so oftentimes meal prep saves me! I will usually take one or two days within a week to prepare meals that I keep in the fridge, and can grab. Not only does this save me time from cooking everyday, but it also ensures that I’m making healthy choices, rather than getting take out or something unhealthy on the run. I make sure I always have a water bottle with me (reusable of course!) so that I keep hydrated.

Favorite Meals: Some of my favorite go-to meals are overnight oats, turkey meatballs with spaghetti squash, avocado toast, salmon with roasted broccoli, and smoothies.

Favorite Indulgence: My absolute favorite indulgence is cheesecake (love!).