5 Ways to Overcome Gym Anxiety

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Whether you’re a “New Year Resolutioner” just getting started on your fitness goals for the year or an experienced “gym-goer” switching to a new facility, you might feel a little anxious walking into a new gym for the first time. It is important to remember that is totally okay! Here are 5 ways to feel confident and ready for trying a new facility.

  1. Visit the facility first

    Although you may not want to wait until tomorrow to get started on your new goals, try going for a quick walk-through or ask for a tour on your first visit to a new gym. By doing this, you can get a good idea of the layout as well as adding some familiarity to the place. Ask yourself main concepts like— “Where is the equipment I like? Where are the locker-rooms or the bathroom? Where are staff members if I need them?” By conquering your first walk-through of the place you will hopefully enter with more confidence when actually working out.

  2. Break it down

    Pick one section of the gym to start with. First day, cardio section. Second day, group exercise rooms. Third day, selectorized weight equipment and so on... By breaking down your new gym into smaller sections and focusing on one at a time, you may find yourself less intimidated.

  3. Jam out to your favorite tunes

    Use your music to empower you! Prior to coming in, make a playlist of music that makes you feel good and confident. Before walking in, put your headphones in and turn on your playlist. Adding a soundtrack can distract your mind from anxieties and nervous thoughts!

  4. Go during non-busy hours

    Try to avoid the before and after work rush, at least on your first visits. Doing this will give you more time to look around, read directions and not feel rushed. Taking your time will be key to doing movements correctly.

  5. Ask for help

    Fitness directors, personal trainers and facility attendants are there to help you! Never be embarrassed about asking how to use a machine or ask them if you’re doing it right. All LifeStart staff are trained professionals, who are there to help you succeed. Let us know if you would like assistance!