Sweets, Easy as 1-2-3


By: Veronica Rodell

Are you craving donuts for breakfast? Candy bars after lunch? Can’t help but get not one, but two different types of candy at the movies to go along with your popcorn and soda? Yup… me too! And though I can’t say I have completely mastered the restriction of how much sugar I consume, I have learned to swap for much healthier options! This has helped me slowly feel more in control of my battle against my body’s sugar cravings. I am going to give you 3 quick tips that have had major impact on my defense to keep sugar cravings to a minimum!

1. Keep it Natural – Honey, agave nectar, coconut oil, and maple syrup! Four of my favorite, easy sugar substitutes. I started by simply using honey instead of packets of sugar in my morning coffee. It ultimately helped train my palate to be more attracted to natural sugars. Now I don’t even need any version of sugar at all in my coffee.

2. Frozen - This is where my vegan friends have taught me well. There are so many fruit based desserts that satisfy a sweet tooth without breaking the caloric bank. One of my favorite treats is frozen banana dipped in chocolate! You can use frozen bananas, blueberries, or strawberries! Ask your Registered Dietitian or Personal Trainer for some of their favorite frozen fruit treats!

3. Every Bite Counts - Find a way to keep yourself accountable. It was truly eye opening for me when I started a very strict food log for a week. I continue to journal every day where I incorporate my exercise and calorie intake for the day in my entry.

Never hesitate your LifeStart Staff for some guidance! We are their to help you reach your goal! Together we can make smart and safe choices to guide you towards your fitness and wellness desires. And remember , its okay to eat less sugar because you’re already sweet enough!