By: Veronica Rodell

Often when we are trying to reach health goals, there are many speed bumps and obstacles. Maybe its fluctuation on your scale, a long plateau, injury or illness. Perhaps it is just simply life getting in our way. The daily ins and outs of parenting, social life, work obligations and so on can all be reasons for distraction. The main thing we want to avoid on our wellness journey is to slip into using these human occurrences as excuses.

When you are feeling stuck or your health goals seem to be slipping from you, we highly encourage you to ASK for help. Even health professionals bring in the knowledge of others. Athletes have teams of specialists, trainers and doctors. Now I know we aren’t all Division 1 athletes, but reaching out for help could be the simple step you need to propel you forward to go for the gold! And that is just what we are here for! You’ve already made the commitment to be a LifeStart Wellness client. Which means you’re on the right track! Reach out to your LifeStart coaches! Is diet holding you back? No worries, we’ve got dietitians ready and able to serve you and your wellness needs.

Don’t let insecurities and uneducated decisions keep you from breaking through that wall! Keep your health and wellness supporters close. Ask lots of questions. Educate yourself. And always remember you are confident, competent and deserving.