Workout Wednesday: Cardio Warm-Up

Side Step Ladders

Side Step Ladders

By: Ashley Schroeder NASM-CPT, ACE-CHC

Want a quick workout to get you ready for exercise? You can conduct this workout from anywhere. No equipment needed! Pick up the intensity for a more challenging warm up.

10 moves to complete in 5 mins, 30 seconds each exercise. Set a timer and get going!

  1. Butt Kickers: Stand super tall and kick your glutes with your feet. Get heart rate up and blood circulating!

  2. Side Reaches: Lengthen through your obliques. Big wide stance, wider than shoulders!

  3. Body Weight Squats: Knees to elbows. Imagine your sitting down in a chair. Get tall and resist leaning forward.

  4. Front Lunge Reaches: One leg back, reach over to side where knee is bent. Reach opposite arm over head.

  5.  Front Kicks: Keep legs straight and flex feet to stretch hamstrings. No hunching over! Stand proud.

  6. Inchworm: To warm up the core. Walk out hands to a plank and then walk back up. Keep legs straight. 

  7. Plank Walks: Make sure elbows and palms are underneath shoulders. Make sure your hips stay down.

  8. Side Step Ladders: 1,2,3 count. Bring knee up on the 3rd count and reverse back the other direction.

  9. Body Circles: Place hands on hips. Keep legs straight. Bring chest down to knee caps and back up to standing. 

  10. Quick Feet Football Runs: Light on your feet. Hands out.

Done! Now get to your workout!